Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last time blogging

Blogging was very different it was actually my first time doing this but it was nice. I just had to remember me doing one every week .It really let me express how my week really was .I really like blogging hopefully I can do this more often to get to know some of my peers also meet new people I Believe this was a nice experience for  me to learn more and read about some other peoples problems this can really benefit me in life because I can understand what some people went through experience and also what the have done in there past. I'm glad Sweeney has choose something like this because I can better myself through communication .So this was great but until next time see ya !!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

survey and talk with president

So in class this week we did peer review and I feel that it was ok .We need to  do more in class .It was an ok week .. I also had dinner with the president yesterday and it was fun. We talked and discussed about a lot of the activities that the student leaders want to have plan for the students .I believe that this year is going to be a year with a lot of activities and we will be able to have more fun on campus but also educational activities .I think that there is going to be a great outcome of students from being able to see a junior college become more into there school and also getting the off campus students in to more activities back out .

Halloween bash

Yesterday was Halloween we had a big party that was sponsored by the student assembly it went well and we got a lot of donations we also had a lot of people it was going well we had over 260 people that was here and we made sure everyone had fun but there is always one person that will shut something down and they got the fighting I was really upset that the whole party had to leave and not come back then they went to the dorms to get the fighting and we had the police there even the state troopers come out to help .I feel that why should I plan activities for the students to have if there is  going to be a problem all the time .I think it will get better and If we need to get more security and not have stuff with only tickets then you cant come .

Friday, October 25, 2013

the night dad wen to jail

I think this book is very sad why would I want to tell my children about what happen to there dad I feel that it is there responsibility on the parents to tell there child maybe they don't want there children to know about it .Also there is a time in a place for everything don't have a book in the library for a child to pick up in then take home to there parents and then the parents don't know what to say if they ask where is there dad is. I would be lost for words and it would make me think what to say because I would be mad because I would of told them that dad was gone for a while .What do you think that this should be .

Party next week

Last week was a good week I wrote my paper and I wasn't really pleased with it but I will be at the end of the semester . The paper to me was boring I wish there was another topic that we could of talked about .Also last week we had our first spirit pep squad meeting in it was goo I hope to see a lot of you all out on Wednesday at the kick off on support our basketball team. Also  I want people to come out to out Halloween haunted party on next Thursday .

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Im tired help on this paper

Im so tired it makes no sense this weather has put me to sleep and I don't know what to do .I feel like this is the worst day ever im tired I cant stay up I Just want to go home and read this book .Can anybody tell me what the story is about .Im really lost and I need help Ive read it but I still need help for my paper on it please help me .I m lost and I don't know what to do and I want o be able to write my paper .This story sounds so depressing I hate depressing storys.

Friday, October 4, 2013


For one of my outside class activities outside of class I went to the VMFA yesterday for college night it was very different I had a lot of fun .There was VCU VSU John Tyler and RBC .They had popcorn candy and drinks for us they also had a game where you had a team and you had a word but you had to draw the word out in your team had to guess well my team was on point until VCU came back and one . We then went around and saw some beautiful pictures even you could make a picture and it could be in a contest to win .What really amazed me was that it was so nice that I was like am I in the right place because there was glass elevators they had beautiful outside scenery where you could take pictures by the water fall . I would really want to go back and look at more art work .But Just to know that you would have friends that can draw as good as some of the artists is amazing if I could really draw I would because its something that would calm your mind down and just relaxing .I would really suggest going to Virginia Museum Of Fine ARTS  to view and Just enjoy the atmosphere .Also go to the bathroom and take pictures in the big Mirror lol.